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Jul 19, 2021

Most of us have gone through a journey where we feel lost, broken, and lonely. It’s hard to bounce back but I believe that it’s worth it. In today’s episode, we have Danielle Damrell, a custom artist, creative motivator, writer, podcaster, wife, and a mom.  Danielle has been on a journey of uncovering her unique creative zone of expertise since 2017 when she founded the Danielle Damrell Creative Collective. DDCC is a continuously expanding collection of creative products, blogs, graphics, and custom pieces that aim to spread love, truth, and vulnerable encouragement. Her faith has also played a major role in her healing journey and she can be found sharing on social media about the daily miracles she experiences. Beating all odds, Danielle is now empowering and inspiring other women to step into the life of freedom and healing they are WORTHY of living.

“It’s about proving that you can conquer. You can overcome everything. And you can break this cycle of abuse.”


  • Creating a safe platform for women to show up and be unapologetic
  • Healing journey
  • Ending the stigma
  • Structuring life