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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

In today's episode, we'll chat about how to control the remaining 100 days of your valuable life so that you may end 2022 strong. Seriously, there are only around 100 days remaining in the year? How did the time fly by? What separates 2022 from other years? And how can we make our way manifest? So even more wonderful 2023 is what we're going to be talking today. If you know me, you know how much of a believer I am in manifestation. I will be providing more information on the things I have manifested in my life that have truly materialized in separate episodes.


“I need to create energy. I know that energy is within me; it's inside me. My personal well-being is the top priority and it's not only going to help in accomplishing my personal goal. ” 



  • Having a good being aligns your soul well.
  • Everyone needs their personal time and space to create their energy.
  • Creating a life you don’t need to worry about.
  • Focus on your own growth.
  • Massive action leads to a great outcome.


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