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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

Rojan Ghorbannejad is a Doctor of Pharmacy candidate (class of 2022) and a Certified Functional Medicine Specialist™ from Functional Medicine Business Academy™. Rojan is the founder and CEO of Rojan Wellbeing. She is passionate about illuminating the route to a healthier and happier life by spending time on one-on-one coaching sessions, ordering Functional Medicine specialized tests to find root causes of the problem, and providing personalized lifestyle modification plans. She has a tremendous love for life and wants to share that not only within the U.S but with as many people as she can all around the globe.

"We all need a support system: a team that supports us, pushes us, and empowers us to become a better person." 

  • Rojan Ghorbannejad's life journey towards success 
  • Asking the right question to the right person
  • You don't know when life can take away those opportunities so you need to grab it now