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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

May 31, 2021

As we celebrate the Mental Health month this May, we have Dr. Lisa Zielbauer or Dr. Z, a graduate of Doctorate of Pharmacy from Midwestern University in Illinois. In today’s episode, she will share her story as someone who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Let’s hear her insights about one of her life goals which is decreasing the stigma of mental illness particularly within the healthcare practitioner community. To connect with her, check her on Instagram @themindfulfarmacist and to know more about her business, check her socials @rootcauserx 

“The more people that shares, the less stigma we’ll have”

  • How volunteering serves as a life saver during her darkest moments
  • You don’t need to justify yourself to the society
  • Helping people through the use of Functional Medicine
  • Open communication plays a big role