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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

So you want to create a course? Or maybe you already have a course and want to level up and shift your business to create more residual income? 


This episode is for you, if you’re an entrepreneur, and ready to work less, earn more, and have the business of your dreams!


Stephanie Woods is a learning designer and course creation expert who specializes in value focused educational experiences. She has worked with a variety of clients, from professors at the top ranked business school in the world to A list celebrities, such as Tyra Banks and Alex Rodriguez. 


Working as an instructional designer at Stanford, she has mastered learning design techniques that she now brings to business owners, educators and entrepreneurs. She is passionate about creating methods for simplifying life and business through creating profitable digital courses and utilizing online marketing strategies to sell with ease.

When she’s not working with entrepreneurs or at Stanford, Steph loves being a leader for her local chapter of The Rising Tide Society, or hanging out in her hammock with her pug and a good book!


To learn more about Stephanie and her work: