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Sep 6, 2021

Dr. Kourtney Sanfelice, soon to become Certified Functional Medicine Specialist™  from Functional Medicine Business Academy™ is passionately incorporating Functional Medicine into her daily practice as a clinical pharmacist and health and nutrition coach. Her passion is food as medicine and she loves to help transform her clients’ health through the use of nutraceuticals and CBD.

Her journey began when she discovered CBD over 5 years ago, and she was amazed how this magical plant enabled her to taper off of a medication that she was taking for over 16 years in just 1 week! This caused her passion and purpose to take over and she wanted to help as many people as she could in her small, hometown pharmacy.  

Dr. Kourtney is also Reiki I certified and has graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is working on her Yoga instructor certification by the end of 2021 as well as her Reiki II certification in October 2021. 


“Rejection is a redirection.”

  • Revolutionizing the way functional medicine is gonna be seen 

  • Utilizing the tools that are given to you

  • Getting to the root cause