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Aug 23, 2021

Kimberly Baca is a Holistic Health Strategist and CEO of Legacy Holistic Health.  She helps create a personalized holistic approach to your health. They create a specific plan where they identify your health roadblocks and create a targeted, actionable, and easy way to make those changes according to your lifestyle. 

One of the first things they do is reset your holistic health,  for your mind, body, and soul through an individualized cleanse.  They make hard things for your health easy. Her mission is generational health transformation.  Her company enables entrepreneurial women to buy back time through improving their holistic health from A to Z, so they can make a lasting impact with their own legacy.


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“You are what you think about.”


  • Our body doesn’t lie
  • Bringing holistic health into your practice 
  • Incorporating different approaches in healing
  • Different ways in cleansing our body