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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

Do you have a strong passion to do more or be more? Is that big dream or goal always on your mind? My dear friend Dr. Nikoleta Branko is a physician, dermatologist, entrepreneur, author, and confidence success strategist. In this episode she talks about lighting that spark inside of you to create change in your life -...

Dec 21, 2020

So you want to create a course? Or maybe you already have a course and want to level up and shift your business to create more residual income? 


This episode is for you, if you’re an entrepreneur, and ready to work less, earn more, and have the business of your dreams!


Stephanie Woods is a learning designer and...

Dec 14, 2020

Are you ready to dig deep? Are you yearning to uncover your personal layers? 

My dear friend Amanda Hamm joins me today on the podcast, sharing her incredible story. Corporate dropout, single mom, new marriage, new business - Amanda has taken many risks in her life and is on a mission to help others do the same....

Dec 9, 2020

You are meant for more. You are meant to be your best self. You are meant to find your genius. 


Stepping out of your comfort zone and investing in yourself and your future, is no easy task and can bring up feelings of fear and uncertainty. But, if you don’t take action for yourself, how long are you going to sit at...

Dec 9, 2020

Do you feel like 2020 has put you in a place you can’t get out of? Are you looking for inspiration to make a pivot in your journey? It’s not impossible to make drastic changes for your family, life and career. 


My dear friend, Siransuh Manukyan, an incredibly inspirational woman, has pivoted her life multiple...