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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

May 20, 2024

In this new episode of the The Wholistic Vitality™ Podcast, Dr Pauline Yeghnazar Peck joins me for an insightful conversation about intergenerational and cultural trauma within immigrant communities, particularly for daughters of immigrants. We delve into  the significance of culturally informed therapy, the challenges of navigating mental health within families, and the vital need to break generational patterns for better emotional well-being. Dr. Pauline emphasizes  the need for culturally informed therapeutic practices and the empowerment that comes from understanding and addressing inherited traumas and the value of sharing experiences and building supportive communities, as well as the transformative potential of these efforts in fostering healthier, more connected lives.


“The next step is the awareness that this is something that has been passed down through the generations that you begin to see. It's not just your parents, but potentially your parents’ parents and your parents’ parents, and you start having the curiosity about whether this pattern came before you. And whether without your awareness, it's going to happen with you involved in it as well. And you have this moment where you realize, oh, this is bigger than me, that awareness is everything.” -Dr Pauline Yeghnazar Peck


In this episode, let’s explore:


  • Understanding Intergenerational Trauma: Intergenerational trauma affects daughters of immigrants significantly, often influencing their mental health and identity.


  • Culturally Informed Therapy: The importance of culturally informed therapy in addressing trauma and mental health within immigrant communities.


  • Challenges in Mental Health Awareness: Navigating mental health can be particularly challenging within immigrant families due to cultural stigma and lack of awareness.


  • Breaking Generational Patterns: Recognizing and addressing inherited traumas is crucial for breaking harmful generational patterns and fostering emotional well-being.


  • Empowerment through Awareness: Understanding intergenerational trauma can empower individuals to seek help and create supportive environments.


  • Role of Supportive Communities: Building supportive communities is essential for healing and providing a sense of belonging and understanding.

About Dr. Pauline Yeghnazar Peck:

Dr. Pauline Yeghnazar Peck is a trauma-informed psychologist in Santa Barbara, California who specializes in helping the daughters of immigrants and intercultural couples break cycles of intergenerational and cultural trauma so they can live full, free lives in deep connection with themselves and others. Her work fills in the gaps left by immigrant upbringings and western psychology. She is the founder of the group practice: Noor Therapy and Wellness through which she and her team offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Pauline also runs a free book club called CULTURED, with curated picks on topics relevant to the mental health of children of immigrants, on top of her signature 1:1 Culture and Connection Transformation Program which is available to women all over the world.


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