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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

May 13, 2024

Today’s episode is a celebration of a remarkable milestone, the anniversary of my wellness practice and the introduction of The Wholistic Vitality™ Podcast. In this episode, I share my personal and professional evolution from a traditional pharmacist to a dedicated wholistic™ wellness coach. Also, this episode is packed with insights, stories of transformation, and the announcement of exciting new programs designed to help you find your path to vitality. Join me as we celebrate milestones, explore wholistic™ wellness, and embrace the journey of healing and transformation.


“I want it for all of you to find your colleague, find your identity, find your purpose, and whatever that is, just know that they're frail, just know it is waiting for you and all the pain, all the hardships, everything you're going through, is preparing you for something magical. There's a bit about to come. It's preparing you to get aligned with your destiny, it's preparing you to stay true to your calling. And if you believe in God, if you believe in a higher power, I always love to say like I am transitioning, I'm trusting and surrendering.”


In this episode, let’s dig deeper into:


  • Professional Shift: Transitioning from a career as a pharmacist to a holistic wellness coach. Embracing a new identity and professional purpose that aligns with your beliefs in wholistic™ health and wellness.

  • Introduction of a New Program: introducing the  "wHolistic Vitality Journey™," a new program designed to guide participants through a transformative healing process using various holistic methods and practices.

  • Empowerment and Motivation: The narrative emphasizes empowering listeners to find their calling and purpose in life, encouraging them to embrace their journeys of self-discovery and healing.

  • Community and Connection: The importance of community, inviting listeners to join new initiatives, participate in retreats (such as the upcoming one in Bali), and engage with a supportive network.

  • Wholistic™ Approach to Wellness: The emphasis is on a comprehensive approach to health that includes mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, moving beyond traditional medical treatments to include practices like breathwork, meditation, and somatic healing.

  • Innovative Wellness Education: I describe my vitality framework where each letter represents a different aspect of holistic wellness, indicating a structured and innovative approach to teaching holistic health concepts.

  • Identity Rebranding: Reflecting my evolved focus, I rebrand myself as "The Wholistic Pharmacist™," indicating her shift from traditional pharmacy to a focus on holistic wellness.

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