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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

May 6, 2024

In this new episode of The Wholistic Vitality™ Podcast, Michele Waterman and I dive deeper into the concept of wholistic™ health, personal transformation, and self-advocacy in healthcare. Our discussion also delves into practical tips for embracing a holistic lifestyle and the importance of informed self-care and the importance of going beyond traditional pharmaceutical solutions to explore the root causes of health issues and leveraging holistic practices like functional medicine, neuro breathwork, and lifestyle changes. We also touch on the importance of questioning and understanding the care and prescriptions provided by health professionals, encouraging patients to seek information and possibly second opinions when prescribed medication.

“But are we really in a free economy and like, here's the thing, we need to be able to have these nuanced conversations where we call out the the institutions themselves and talk about the the greed, we talk about, you know, the gatekeeping, the agendas, and who this really benefits, which, you know, honestly, when it gets down to it, we're talking about benefiting stakeholders, and shareholders over the well being of children and human beings that are being prescribed cocktails of medications.”- Michele Waterman

Key takeaways to explore:

  • The importance of patients asking questions and seeking clarity about their treatments from healthcare providers.

  • The necessity of identifying and addressing the underlying causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. This approach not only leads to better health outcomes but can prevent future health problems.

  • The empowerment that comes with taking charge of one's health. Dr. Christine's story is used as an example of how personal responsibility and proactive health management can lead to remarkable health transformations.

  • The idea that true health involves a balance of mental, physical, and emotional wellness and how lifestyle changes, such as stress management and healthy eating, are crucial components of holistic health.

  • The need for ongoing education about one's health and wellness options is emphasized, suggesting that staying informed is key to making better health decisions.

  • The limitations and challenges within the current medical system, particularly the focus on treating symptoms with medications without addressing deeper issues. This highlights the need for a shift towards a more patient-centered approach in healthcare.

  • The integration of various therapeutic practices, including clinical hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Reiki, illustrates a multi-faceted approach to health and wellness.

About Michele Waterman:

Michele Waterman is a Nonprofit Business Strategist, Podcast Host and Mental Health and Disability Justice Advocate. Connect with her at @michelewatermancoaching.


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