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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

Claudia Taboada is an author, motivational speaker, stress resilience expert and women’s empowerment coach. She is also a digital course creator and entrepreneur and the founder of the brand “Unstoppable You by Claudia Taboada” with the mission to empower burned out and overwhelmed women reclaim their health, rediscover their spark and become UNSTOPPABLE. Her most precious role is that of being mom to her two boys – Nico and Alex. Nico is severely autistic and for several years Claudia was his full-time caregiver. 

Her women’s empowerment memoir ''Burnout to Unstoppable'' details her transformational journey from a burned out autism mom (who lost her physical and mental health as well as her identity in the autism caregiving journey) to the self-actualized woman that she is today. She accomplished her remarkable transformation via the self-care, mindset optimization and stress reduction strategies and habits that are now part of her signature program the ''Unstoppable You Self-Care and Stress Resilience Blueprint’’. She practices these strategies daily in order to stay in peak physical and mental state to parent her severely autistic son as a single mom - while building her dream business and continuing to train as an endurance athlete with 23 marathons.

Along with her books, her online women’s empowerment community ‘’Burnout to Unstoppable Moms’’ and her upcoming series of digital courses “The Unstoppable You Self-Care Academy”, Claudia is quickly establishing herself as an authority on the self-care for women’s empowerment space.