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Feb 8, 2021

Welcome back everyone. Last 2 months STORRIE podcast had major milestones that I am so grateful for. We hit over 1000 downloads and all thanks to you all. Same day we hit 1000 downloads, I got the approval for STORRIE becoming officially incorporated.


Creating STORRIE community has been such a blessing. I invite you all to join our community on FB called Our Comeback STORRIE 


As promised I wanted to share how the company name was born and if you are thinking of creating your own company how to choose the company name that resonates with you. I challenge you to think of the business name that one day you will be sharing the story behind how you came up with the name in front of 20K people. The name should mean something special to you. 


As you all heard me say my personal motto is “I believe everyone deserves a second chance to rewrite their story and become the best version of themselves”. Its never too late to create your comeback story and live your ideal life. I believe there is still stigma behind sharing our story and by creating STORRIE podcast and STORRIE brand, my mission is to get rid of the stigma that’s holding us back sharing our story because you never know who is listening and whos life you will change. Your story matters and you should be unapologetic when you own your story. 


Everyone has a story to share that will inspire and empower someone else to take action and push through the transformation and create the comeback story. 


Well, that’s how STORRIE brand was born and why I chose this name. 


Many of you know my story how i build my practice while working full time 


Tony Robbins event 


Took the month off to figure out what i want 

Created the program 

Started the FM business coaching academy in november - mission to help 10 moms walk away from corporate job