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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Our guest for today’s episode is Dr. Meg Mill, a Functional Medicine Health Consultant and Clinical Pharmacist. She sees patients in an online Functional Medicine Practice healing the root cause of their health struggles through diagnostic testing and customized support.  She is particularly passionate about helping professionals suffering from chronic headaches or migraines find relief and increase productivity and energy to enjoy their life again with her proven 8 step HEADACHE protocol.

To connect with her, check the links below

Website is

IG:  @drmegmill

Facebook is Dr. Meg Mill Health Consulting

FB Group Headache Healing Club

LinkedIN: Dr. Meg Mill


“Live thrively rather than just live”


  • Build your practice around the needs of your people
  • Transition from Traditional Medicine to Functional Medicine
  • The life changer 8 step headache protocol
  • Recognizing that we all need help