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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Sep 30, 2022

Today, we'll be concentrating all of our time and effort on talking about how we're going to update our CO timetable and complete a 2022. Strong. Once more, it is September 30. When you eat, it hurts. Okay, as the CEO of your business, there are important duties that are on your shoulders. Tomorrow is the start day of the quarter, so what are we going to be doing for the next 90 days to complete our year strong and truly be open servicing clients around the world? And I'm aware that many of you are just beginning your entrepreneurial path; in fact, some of you have been occupying this space for months or even years. Congratulations to those of you who just left your day jobs in corporate America. And you are now the CEO of your life and your company full-time. And once more, I want to use this occasion to talk about the five crucial areas on which you should focus to achieve the five C's of your company. Consequently, they are extremely productive. As a result, when it comes to servicing your business, you're not investing enough time in some aspects of your life and, alright, as the CEO of your company, you're missing out on other things as well.


Listen to this episode to see why it's important!


“It is doable to work less and earn more, and this all has to do with how you strategize your time, your energy, and right how your energy is going to be focusing on what tasks.” 



  • Use spending time on your calendar to create content that will give you visibility in this world.
  • Create the content that brings your audience and gets value from your content, that's going to give you visibility.
  • also brings you the visibility now that the world sees you as an expert in the space in this health and wellness industry.


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