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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Sep 23, 2022

Today, we're going to spend the most of our time and energy discussing whether or not multitasking is actually a good idea. And this is a really important topic because many of us clinicians, especially pharmacists, have been brainwashed into believing that multitasking is necessary for success and for completing daily tasks at work, especially if you work in retail pharmacy. Trust me; I understand; I spent almost eight years working in retail pharmacy as an undergraduate student, clerk, and tech. I understand it since I've experienced it firsthand. I don't want you to all, however, use that same skill set in your own personal lives.


To learn why it is necessary, listen to this episode!


“It's gonna take you a very long time to accomplish your goals to accomplish your big dreams that you have. So, again, focus on your success, less focus on throwing this whole, you know, ego aside that you're going to be multitasking.” 



  • Put a timer on and just do one task.
  • A new day means a new story.
  • Be efficient of using your time and it would result to effectiveness.
  • Decide what’s the best kind of habits to create.
  • Get it done and crush your goals!


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