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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Dec 31, 2022

Recap of 2022


One of the hardest and most healing years ever



Health & Healing Journey

  • Became certified in HypnoBreathwork
  • Started Sound Healing Certification Program
  • Invested in The Quantum Ripple Effect with Erin Nicole Porter to become certified coach in NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, EFT, Reiki, Success and Life Coaching 
  • Lost 15 lbs, goal 50 lbs total by March 20223
  • Took over 10 personal and business trips - the most time I took off (4 months off)
  • Traveled to Bali 
  • Registered for LA Marathon & started to run since September, Completed Malibu half marathon 
  • Learned how to let go to things and people who no longer were aligned with my vision to make room for more magic
  • Did my very first 7 day fast: Gut cleanse and liver cleanse 


Business & Personal Growth Journey

  • Doubled my corporate income
  • Invested in Elite Entrepreneur Mastermind with Chris Harder 
  • Invested in Legacy Builders business mentorship with Kelly Roach 
  • Mentored 40 new clinicians in STORRIE Institute™ 
  • Masterclass Students: 1200
  • Hosted very first live event - adding 3 events in 2023
  • Launched brand new STORRIE Institute™ website 
  • Created a new category for clinicians and health coaches as a Wholistic Wellness Coach™ 
  • Launched STORRIE Method™ course  - next class starts February 2023
  • Launched STORRIE Breathwork™ Certification Program 
  • Launched 2 brand new certification programs from STORRIE Institute™ - Certified STORRIE Wellness Coach™  (next class starts March 2023) and Certified STORRIE Consultant™ (next class starts August 2023) - to learn more visit 
  • Launched The Foundational Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Course - to learn more visit 
  • Published 7 articles on Forbes
  • STORRIE Institute™ Press release published in ABC & CBS
  • Other publications in Yahoo, Entrepreneurs Herald, Authority Magazine, Disruptors 
  • Completed business course from Harvard Business School 
  • Completed AFMCP course from Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Podcast 14K downloads
  • Hired TEDx Coach & applied for TEDx Talk
  • Started working on STORRIE Wellness™ launch (March 2, 2023) 
  • Published 2 bestseller books: Creating The Functional Medicine Revolution (March 2022) and Practitioner To Wholistic Wellness Coach™ (October 2022) - I am taking applications for our next book publication scheduled to launch July 2023, email me if you are interested 

The Practitioner to Wholistic Wellness Coach™ Masterclass

Join us JANUARY 23-26 for this FREE MASTERCLASS at 5 PM PST 



DAY 1: Discover the 3 fundamentals for thriving online practice 

DAY 2: Common mistakes clinicians make when marketing offers online 

DAY 3: How to attract and convert ideal clients online even if you hate social media and marketing  

Day 4: Bonus Q&A and hot-seat coaching session  

Bonus: 21-Day Launch Your Offer Checklist when you register for the masterclass