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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Dec 13, 2021

Dr. Pana Ninan is a Certified Functional Medicine Specialist™ from Functional Medicine Business Academy™, clinical Pharmacist, mom to 2, and warrior for women.  She has been published in Authority magazine, a virtual summit speaker, and now a podcast guest. 

For the past 12 years, she has worked professionally in both the community and long term care setting where she has been an asset for her knowledge and ability to teach, working as a trainer, educator, and preceptor for her coworkers, patients, and students.  Working in the long term care setting, Dr. Pana realized her passion for helping protect others from the long term effects of poor health habits and the compounding side effects of taking multiple medications. 


Dr. Pana has taken her passion to help people heal and feel their best and become founder and CEO, Functionally Fit Rx, LLC where she works with driven mothers in healthcare to conquer their exhaustion and burnout through her signature SPARK method: focusing on Stress management, Purification + cleansing, Assessment + labs, Routines + habits, and Knowledge + nutrition. She understands the importance of mindset, building healthy habits, and addressing the root cause of symptoms. 


She is passionate about helping accomplished women beat their health struggles by empowering them with knowledge and inspiring them to take control and transform their lives. 




“We need to spend the word to people that there’s more option through functional Medicine” 

  • Living life to the fullest potential
  • Setting up for better success
  • Functional Medicine Approach