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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

Dr. Jennie Draper is the Founder and CEO of RESTORE Health and Wellness, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three. As a clinical pharmacist, she had over 13 years of experience in various pharmacy settings including retail, independent, compounding, and medication therapy management. 

Dr. Jennie has been in pharmacy all her life as both of her parents are pharmacists and owned an independent pharmacy. Patient care and helping people feel better is her true calling. Her diverse experience has prepared her for the next chapter where she gets the chance to focus on her patient's needs and overall wellness by taking a deep dive to achieve true healing.

After experiencing her own health transformation with Functional Medicine, Dr. Jennie found her purpose, to empower others with holistic health, getting into the root cause of our health instead of quick-fix “band-aid”.  As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, she uses targeted lab testing, natural herbs and supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications for all her patients. 

Dr. Jennie helps her patients regain control of their health and overall wellness by restoring balance in their lives. She is passionate about empowering others to achieve their health goals through transformation instead of pharmaceuticals. 

She believes everyone deserves to feel better, achieve optimal health, and live their best life.


“The beauty of functional medicine is that it really gets to the root cause of what’s going on” 


  • Jennie’s health journey and life transformation 
  • The approach of Functional Medicine 
  • Becoming the voice for other people