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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Dr. Lisa Faast is an innovator, experienced business executive, and leader in the independent pharmacy industry. With over 20 years of experience as a pharmacy owner, consultant, compounder, and businesswoman, she is able to bring a unique perspective to the industry’s problems. Her passion is helping independent pharmacy owners thrive by focusing on diversifying and then growing revenue streams. She is currently CEO at DiversifyRx, a consulting and education company, in addition to being a wife and mom of 4.


About DiversifyRx:

DiversifyRx is a team of professionals with diverse specialties dedicated to helping pharmacies and companies grow profitably. Dr. Lisa Faast heads the company. Dr. Faast is an experienced business executive and pharmacy industry expert. She blends her knowledge with a long history of experience to accelerate your company's growth strategies' successful implementation. When you choose to work with DiversifyRx, you will get marketing, sales, product launch, business development, and clinical expertise.


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