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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Apr 29, 2024

In this another episode of The Wholistic Vitality™ Podcast, Nathania Stambouli joins me to explore the context of transformation, empowerment, and personal growth through overcoming limiting beliefs. She shares her inspiring journey which transformed her life from feeling trapped in a corporate job to thriving as a yoga instructor and entrepreneur. 


Discover how Nathania's story, alongside the insightful commentary of our host, ignites a flame within, urging listeners to challenge their limiting beliefs, take bold steps towards their dreams, and live life with purpose and passion. Get ready to be motivated, empowered, and inspired to rewrite your own narrative and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.


“Look at the urgency of your life. Life is now you don't know about tomorrow, you don't know about 15 minutes from now. So you can either give your power to your fear into your “I'm not ready”, or you can leap and you can trust that this wouldn't be showing up in front of you right now and you wouldn't be afraid of it if there wasn't freaking magic for you on the other side. So stop wasting time waiting to be ready and start getting ready by doing”- Nathania


Key takeaways to explore:

  • The significance of embracing change and stepping out of comfort zones as a crucial step towards personal growth and transformation.

  • The importance of overcoming limiting beliefs. Nathania’s journey illustrates how changing one's mindset can lead to profound life changes.

  • The critical role of community and support in overcoming challenges and pursuing personal goals, highlighting how relationships can empower individuals to achieve greater success.

  • The idea that physical activities, like yoga, are not just for physical well-being but are also powerful tools for mental and emotional strength, helping individuals to stand strong in other areas of life.

  • The journey doesn’t end with one change; it’s about continuously adapting, learning, and growing. The concept of "life is now" encourages immediate action towards personal aspirations.

  • They discuss how fear should not always be seen as a barrier but rather as a sign that there is significant personal growth on the other side of that fear.

  • Nathania illustrates how teaching others not only empowers the learner but also reinforces the teacher’s own growth and understanding, creating a cycle of positive reinforcement.


About the Guest:


Nathania Stambouli is the founder & CEO of Yogi Flight School, an online program that teaches aspiring yoga ninjas to slay their limiting beliefs and take their yoga practice onto their hands and upside down (think ninja tricks!) so they can finally flow into any pose with ease.


She is also the founder & CEO of SoulTribe Adventures, an international retreat company that aims to take people out of their comfort zone with transformational exercises, discussions and excursions.


Wherever she goes, Nathania's mission is to help people break through limiting beliefs, slay their stories of "I Can't" to step fully into YES I CAN! Nathania believes we have the capacity to create a reality we love when we dare to walk into the fire and do the work. She is a champion for those who aren't sure they have what it takes to change their life, to teach you that YES YOU CAN and to show you the way.


Connect with Nathania:

Instagram: @yogiflightschool


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