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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

Apr 15, 2024

In this new episode of the The Wholistic Vitality™ Podcast, I talk about  regulating the nervous system and transforming health and overall well-being emphasizing that managing stress and emotional overwhelm is crucial for preventing disease and improving life quality. I advocate for a transformational approach to health that not only impacts personal well-being but also extends to enhancing business and professional life. This episode underscores the journey of healing as a continuous, intentional process that requires active participation, community support, and a shift in personal energy and perspective to achieve a balanced, healthy state.


Don't miss out on this valuable discussion—take the time to listen and see how you can apply these insights to your own path to wellness.

“The functional freeze is so deep and many of you are living your life in this functional freeze and this red light that I was showing earlier, and you don't realize how bad it is getting and you don't realize how much damage it is doing to your body. And there is this theme of this nervous system desiring intensity, the stress chemistry because it momentarily turns on their brain and moves them out of the shutdown. I'm gonna say this again in a different way, it's called a functional freeze.”


Takeaways to delve into:

  • Impact of Stress on Health: Dr. Manukyan emphasized the significant impact stress and overwhelm have on physical health, leading to diseases and reducing overall wellness.

  • Transformation through Health: She advocates for a transformational approach to health, suggesting that improving personal health can have a ripple effect, transforming one’s life and business.

  • Exercise and Discussion: The session includes practical exercises aimed at overcoming feelings of overwhelm and stress.

  • Personal Healing Journey: Dr. Manukyan shared her personal experiences with stress, business pressures, and her journey towards healing, including her time in Bali and attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s retreat.

  • Healing as a Continuous Process: Healing is presented not as a destination, but as an ongoing journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love.

  • Nervous System Regulation: The talk covers the importance of regulating the nervous system to maintain a healthy state, using examples like a traffic light system to describe different states of nervous arousal (green for calm, yellow for caution, red for high alert).

  • Interactive Elements: The webinar included interactive elements like breathwork exercises focused on gratitude and forgiveness, designed to help participants shift their emotional states.

  • Community and Support: Emphasizing the importance of community, Dr. Manukyan encouraged participants to seek and offer support, highlighting the value of a supportive network in the healing process.

  • Long-term Behavioral Changes: Dr. Mulligan urged participants to engage in daily practices that promote healing and well-being, helping to establish new, healthier patterns over time.


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