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The Wholistic Vitality Podcast

May 20, 2023

In today's session, we discuss wealth creation and the importance of building a legacy. We explore how to maximize your time and multiply your efforts to achieve long-term success. This is day four of the masterclass, focusing on legacy creation and mapping out your path to wealth and freedom.


Throughout the session, we dive deep into money, finances, and charging your worth. Overcoming perfectionism is crucial for entrepreneurs, as taking messy action and adapting along the way is key to success. Business background is not necessary to develop your vision; even without prior experience, you can thrive on this entrepreneurial journey.


Masterclass Highlights:

  • Exploring one's zone of genius and finding true calling.

  • The flexibility in choosing titles and labels in the wellness industry.

  • Addressing perfectionism and the need for taking messy action.

  • The relevance of mindset and decision-making in business success.

  • The importance of identifying the ideal clients and qualifications for working with them.

  • Mistakes to avoid during sales calls.


"There's a lot of big companies, big brands, they're always looking for proven methods and protocols to buy out small baby startup companies like ourselves. We're a startup company. And that's the most sexiest thing you can dream on as an entrepreneur."


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May 15 - 19, 2023  

Launch & Scale a Thriving Wholistic Wellness™ Practice 

The official guide creating an impactful wellness practice 


  • Day 1: Sales Mastery:  How to Replace Your Current Income with Your Own Wellness Practice


  • Day 2: Clinical Niche: How to Select an “Area of Specialty” as a Wholistic Wellness Coach™

  • Day 3: Alignment with Your Brand: How to Establish Your Credibility & Charge for Your Services


  • Day 4: Legacy Creation: How to Map Out Your Path to Wealth & Freedom Already Available


  • Day 5: Energetics of Entrepreneurship: How to Create an Irresistible Offer That Fills Your Practice with Ideal Clients Who are Ready to Buy


  • BONUS Session: Day 6: Mistakes Clinicians Can't Afford to Make When Making an Offer Online with Brittany Gregorio


  • BONUS Session: Day 7: Debunking the Myths & Somatic Breathwork Session


  • BONUS Session: Day 8: Unlocking Financial Freedom: Mastering the Art of Generating Multiple Streams of Income with Ease


  • BONUS Session: Day 9: Q&A and hot-seat coaching with Dr. Christine

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